Internal control

John Mattson works in multiple ways to create a high level of internal control. The Board of Directors produces policies and guidelines, and performs annual risk assessments and internal evaluations.

According to the Swedish Companies Act, the Board of Directors is responsible for the internal controls as well as ensuring that the accounting, asset management and the company’s general financial situation are controlled in a reliable manner. The goal of good internal controls is to streamline operations to achieve their goals, ensure reliable internal and external financial reporting as well as compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and governance documents.

Control environment

Efficient governance is essential for a high level of internal control. To effectively manage the operation’s risks, a clear division of rolls and responsibilities is established in the Rules of Procedure for the Board and the instructions for the CEO and the Board’s committees.

Guidelines for a good control environment

The Board has established a number of general guidelines and policies to create conditions for a good control environment, including John Mattson’s Code of Conduct, economic and financial reporting, financial policy and investment policy. These policies are reviewed and revised as needed.