Board Committees

The Board of Directors has appointed one Remuneration Committee and one Audit and Finance Committee from within its ranks. Committee members and information are presented below.

The Audit and Finance Committee

The Audit and Finance Committee’s tasks are to:

  • Supervise the Company’s financial reporting and submit recommendations and proposals to ensure the reliability of the reporting
  • Supervise the efficiency of the Company’s internal controls, internal auditing and risk management with regard to financial reporting
  • Stay informed regarding the audit of the annual report and the consolidated financial statements as well as the conclusions of the Swedish Inspectorate of Auditors’ quality control.
  • Inform the Board of the audit results and how the audit contributed to the reliability of the financial statements, as well as of the function that the committee has had.
  • Review and supervise the statutory auditor’s impartiality and autonomy, particularly if the statutory auditor provides other services for the Company other than auditing
  • Assist the Nomination Committee with presenting auditor candidates for the general meeting to resolve.

The Audit and Finance Committee is to meet at least four times a year and consists of the following members:

  • Åsa Bergström (Chairman)
  • Per-Gunnar (P-G) Persson 
  • Johan Ljungberg

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee’s primary tasks are to:

  • Prepare the Board’s decisions on issues concerning principles for remuneration, remunerations and other terms of employment for company management.
  • Monitor and evaluate programmes for variable remuneration, both ongoing and those that have ended during the year, for the company management.
  • Monitor and evaluate the application of the guidelines for remuneration of senior executives that the Annual General Meeting is legally obliged to resolve on, as well as the current remuneration structures and levels in the company.

The Remuneration Committee is to meet at least twice a year and consists of the following members:

  • Per-Gunnar (P-G) Persson (Chairman)
  • Katarina Wallin
  • Johan Ljungberg