Work of the Board of Directors

According to the Swedish Companies Act, the Board of Directors is responsible for the organisation of the company and management of the company’s business operations. The Board of Directors is to continuously monitor the Company’s and the Group’s financial situation.

The composition of John Mattson’s Board follows the Stockholm Exchange’s listing requirements concerning independence, among other things. The Rules of Procedure establish that the Board will:

  • Assume responsibility for the preparation of overall long-term strategies and targets, budgets and business plans.
  • Establish guidelines to ensure the Company’s operations will create long-term value
  • Review and approve financial statements.
  • Decide on issues related to investments, sales, capital structure and dividend policy.
  • Develop and adopt the Company’s central policies.
  • Ensure that a control system is in place for monitoring compliance with policy and guidelines.
  • Ensure that a system is in place for follow-up and control of the Company’s operations and risks.

Appoint the Company’s CEO and establish salaries and other remuneration for the CEO and other senior executives in accordance with the guidelines for remuneration of senior executives adopted by the general meeting.