A focus on sustainability strengthens our long-term competitiveness

John Mattson is on a growth journey with the ambition to establish itself in more
locations in the Stockholm region. Increasing the pace of sustainability efforts is
part of this change, with a focus on reducing climate impact and strengthening the
company’s long-term competitiveness.

Corporate responsibility 

Our long-term perspective and the company’s vision – great neighbourhoods across generations – has been present since the company was founded over 50 years ago. All properties and housing must be of master builder quality, which means being sustainable, functional and attractive over time. But for John Mattson, this is about more than just the buildings. We assume an overall perspective and take an active part in
building long-term communities.

John Mattson’s approach is based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact for corporate sustainability in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. The company’s core values and Code of Conduct guide us in our day-to-day work.
We view managing sustainability issues such as respect for human rights, anticorruption and compliance with rules and regulations as hygiene factors.

Sustainability strategy

Since 2020, John Mattson has been working adapted to a sustainability strategy with four areas: dynamic and safe local communities, responsible material and waste management, energy efficient and fossil-free solutions and healthy and inspiring workplaces. These areas also comprise John Mattson’s contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The strategy is based on a materiality analysis that was carried out in autumn 2019. In spring 2020, stakeholder dialogues were also carried out with employees and a number of investors to capture their insights on the prioritized sustainability areas. One of the conclusions reached from the stakeholder dialogues was that climate impact, construction material and energy consumption should be the highest priorities of John Mattson’s sustainability agenda.

Read John Mattson sustainability targets here

”“John Mattson is in a strong position when it comes to social sustainability. We are now changing up a gear
when it comes to environmental sustainability in order to more efficiently assess and manage climaterelated
opportunities and risks.”

Per Nilsson, vd 

1. Dynamic and safe local communities


Commitment for social issues creates value for tenants and local communities.

Pleasant indoor and outdoor environments

John Mattson is actively working to create attractive, safe housing and outdoor environments that contribute to satisfaction and well-being. We have excellent customer satisfaction in these areas and also have also been ranked by the evaluation company AktivBo as one of Sweden’s leading landlords for outdoor environments. This inspires us to do our absolute most, not only in terms of growing and planting, but also when it comes to everything from asphalt paths, waste management and lampposts to snow
clearance, signage and playgrounds.

Tenant surveys are regularly conducted to capture deficiencies that can be rectified. Following the possession of the properties in Rotsunda and Rotebro in Sollentuna, an introductory survey was carried
out by our new tenants in these locations. The survey showed that apartment maintenance and improving the outdoor environments are areas of priority

Safety created in many different ways

The foundation of John Mattson’s safety efforts is to ensure that is clean and tidy in and around the buildings. The municipality of Lidingö Stad and municipality of Sollentuna are important partners for
increasing safety, taking physical as well as social measures, an important part of which is creating meaningful activities for young adults. John Mattson also works actively to combat improper rental conditions such as prohibited subletting, apartment exchange under false pretences and illicit trade with rental contracts.

The tenant survey for 2020 in Larsberg, Lidingö showed that 90% of tenants were content in their areas and close to 85% believe that their properties and areas are very safe. The survey also showed that certain matters need to be improved.

Value created through physical meetings

We are convinced that physical meetings strengthen relationships and create the prerequisites for inclusion. John Mattson’s residential areas are to be open and attractive for everyone. The Outdoor Areas concept is a part of our social sustainability efforts, where we carry out activities together with partners that lead to increased safety and better neighbourhoods. In such a way, physical meetings contribute to strengthening the local community.

2. Responsible material and waste management


Responsible material choices, reusing materials and efficient waste management reduce climate impact and increase the recycling rate.

Long-term properties

We tend to say that new buildings should have a lifespan of several centuries. When the properties are renovated or the company builds new properties, we select materials with long lifespans that age beautifully and are possible to maintain. We strive to retain as much as possible when we renovate.

Responsible construction and renovation

The choice of material for new builds is based partly on environmental aspects using lifecycle analyses and partly on economic aspects, which creates advantages from a total cost and a sustainability perspective. John Mattson’s new builds are environmentally certified according to Svanen and the aim is that existing properties are to be environmentally certified according to Miljöbyggnad. We set requirements for our suppliers to recycle.

Responsible management that saves money and the environment

Through continuous dialogue with tenants, we take responsibility for the collection of household waste and the sorting of waste in the properties. In 2020, the weight of waste per apartment
declined 9%.

3. Energy efficient and fossil-free solutions


The energy consumption during the lifespan of a property is considerable. Energy classifications, choosing fossil-free energy types and efficient management of the properties reduce their climate impact.

Making life easier for our tenants

John Mattson works goal-oriented to make it easier for tenants who want to live in a climate-smart manner. We provide food waste sorting stations and the food is then transformed to biofuel, and for our new buildings, warm water is measured and billed individually.

Since 2018, we have been installing charging points for electric vehicles in many locations, something that has been in demand from the tenants. We also participated in the launch of Lidingö’s first carpool with electric cars in early 2021. The service will make life easier for people and contribute to fossil-free driving

Management with low environmental impact

John Mattson’s properties must be maintained, managed and taken care of with as little environmental impact as possible. We are working continually to optimise operations to reduce operating expen

Climate impact of our own operations

We are gradually phasing out fossil-driven company cars in favour of electrically run vehicles. We have also implemented the sustainability label ‘Kranmärkt’ during the year, meaning that we consistently select tap water over bottled water for our offices and conference rooms.

Climate mapping providing guidance

Climate mapping of our entire value chain commenced at the end of the year, and John Mattson’s own direct carbon emissions (Scope 1) and purchased energy (Scope 2) are now calculated in accordance with the GHG protocol; the most established standard for calculating reported GHG emissions. Our plan moving forward is to supplement this by calculating other emissions in the value chain (Scope 3) in order to set relevant climate targets in accordance with the Science Based Targets initiative, an initiative aimed at supporting companies in setting science-based climate targets in line with the Paris Agreement.

Healthy and inspiring workplaces


Proactive efforts for a healthy, safe and stimulating work environment for employees and suppliers are a prerequisite for well-being and commitment.

Attractive employer

John Mattson strives to offer a workplace that is characterised by a healthy approach to work, where staff enjoy working and are highly committed, and where each employee has a key role and the ability to influence. The foundations of our corporate culture exist in our core values that are based on taking professional and engaged long-term actions. The year’s employee survey showed very strong values for commitment and employee satisfaction. 90% of employees viewed their work as highly motivating.

By continuously following up on our values and operational targets and making them visible, we create motivation throughout our organisation and clarify our priorities. Employees see a clear link between their own goals and operational goals, and we manage an open and supportive climate providing feedback and appreciation in every-day work to inspire leaders and employees to actively contribute to the overall goals.
John Mattson continues to drive equality and equal treatment efforts in a goal-oriented manner, which is an important success factor for our ability to develop as a company. We maintain our position on Allbright’s green list for equal management groups and work toward equal representation in all personnel groups.

Participation creating commitment

To steer John Mattson toward its goals and strengthen the feeling of participation, a bonus programme has been in place for all employees since 1997. All employees are also included in our development efforts by participating in workshops to contribute and provide their opinions on important strategical issues.
During the year, we conducted dialogues on initiatives in our prioritised sustainability areas and action plans based on the results of our tenant surveys.

A learning organisation

The ongoing digitalisation means a change of working roles. To ensure an increase of knowledge, internal training and coaching in digital tools and working methods is important, particularly as we are simultaneously developing our property portfolio. The organisation has been strengthened by recruiting to
several new roles to meet the need for expertise for our journey of growth.

One measure that we need to improve our management of in the coming years is launching efficient digital tools that strengthen our prerequisites for maintaining dialogue and providing service. Digital tools also have the potential to simplify parts of our internal communication.

Safety, health and well-being

We work systematically with physical and psychosocial work environment issues with the goal of preventing accidents and work-related illness. We are aware that good health and well-being strengthens commitment, and to promote health, a preventive health care hour is offered each week encompassing massage, training and a health assessment. When shared activities are arranged, we always strive to include a health perspective in a natural way. Initiatives have included a conference along Sörmlandsleden (theSörmland trail) during the year where we discussed the company’s journey of growth during a hike.

It is equally important to care for the health and safety of our partners. For the procurement of contracts, we
partake in dialogue with our partners and address how John Mattson expects that safety should be taken into consideration before a contract is signed. Since January 2021, John Mattson has been a member of Håll Nollan, an industry initiative in which just over 80 participants are working together toward the goal that nobody need injure themselves in the workplace.