John Mattson Group Management consists of six people, including the CEO.

Siv Malmgren
CEO Employed since 1996, CEO since 2006.

Born: 1959
Training and education: Behavioural Science and MBA, Stockholm University
Shareholding: 18,390 shares

Maria Sidén
CFO Senior executive since 2014.

Born: 1976
Training and education: Master of Science in Economics, Stockholm University.
Other assignments: -
Shareholding: 12,216 shares

Mari Edberg
Head of Communcations. Senior executive since 2020.

Born: 1964
Training and education: Bachelor of Science Business Administration, Uppsala University.
Other assignments: -
Shareholding: -

Martin Landerby
Chief of development. Senior executive since 2020.

Born: 1979
Training and education: MSc in civil engineering, Kungliga Tekniska högskolan and classes in business economics, Stockholms Universitet
Other assignments: -

Daniel Fornbrandt
Head of Business Development. Senior executive since 2014.

Born: 1979
Training and education: Degree of Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics, Uppsala university.
Other assignments: 
Shareholding: 8,125 shares

Christina Hansson
Head of property management. Senior executive since 2019

Born: 1972
Training and education: MSc in Civil Engineeringat Lund University.
Shareholding: 330 shares

Maria Sidén
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