Risk and Risk Management

Overall, John Mattson has a low-risk profile. However, the company’s reputation, earnings and cash flow are affected by changes in the external world as well as the company’s own actions.

Risk management aims to clarify and analyse the risks that the company faces, and as far as possible to prevent or limit any negative effects. The primary tools for managing risk are the strategies that the company follows, which are made tangible in processes integrated in daily operations. Values are also an important part of managing risks in daily operations and in ensuring a high level of competence in the organisation.

About risks and opportunities in the annual report

In the risks and uncertainty factors section of our annual report, you will find descriptions of the following:

  • Operational risks
  • Revenue risks
  • Risks in terms of operating and maintenance costs
  • Risks linked to property development
  • Property value risks
  • Financing risk


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