Offering summary

Number of Shares offered

The Offering encompasses 14,500,000 Shares offered by the Principal Shareholder. To cover any overallotment in connection with the Offering, the Principal Shareholder has undertaken, at the request of the Joint Global Coordinators, to sell a maximum of 2,175,000 additional Shares in the Company (the “Overallotment Option”), corresponding to a maximum of 15.00% of the number of Shares encompassed by the Offering, and a maximum of 6.5% of the total number of Shares in the Company. If the Overallotment Option is exercised in full, the Offering will encompass a maximum of 16,675,000 Shares, corresponding to 49.5% of the total number of Shares outstanding in the Company.

Issue Price

The Issue Price under the Offering is SEK 90 per Share. The Issue Price has been determined by the Principal Shareholder in consultation with the Joint Global Coordinators, and is based on a number of factors, including negotiations with the Cornerstone Investors, assessment of the level of interest from other institutional investors, valuations for listed property companies in general and listed residential property companies in particular, the valuation multiples from previously completed stock exchange listings of property companies, the current market climate and estimates pertaining to John Mattson’s business focus, earnings capacity, financial position and growth potential.

Other information

Symbol (ticker) on Nasdaq Stockholm: JOMA
ISIN code: SE0012481364