Management Renumerations

The Annual General Meeting on 21 April 2022 resolved to apply the following guidelines for the remuneration of senior executives in the company. 

The guidelines for the previous year were adopted at the annual general meeting held in 2021. The main changes that are now suggested concern the maximum amount that other benefits can make up in relation to fixed annual salary (because of, among other things, changed calculations of benefit values for company cars) and severance pay (which, in order
to increase flexibility, is limited to an amount corresponding to the fixed annual salary and other agreed upon benefits during twelve months instead of being linked to the notice period for each respective senior executive).

The guidelines shall be applied with regard to the commitments regarding remuneration to senior executives, and the change of such a commitment, which is decided after the Annual General Meeting at which the guidelines are adopted. The guidelines thus have no effect on previously binding obligations.

The Board of Directors has not received any comments on previously applicable guidelines from shareholders.

Read the gudelines here

The Board’s proposal concerning guidelines for remuneration of senior executives