Four reasons to own shares in
John Mattson

John Mattson has a unique offering for those who want to invest 
in attractive rental properties with potential in the Stockholm region.

1. Attractive residential properties with satisfied tenants  

We have a property portfolio focused on housing. We have well-maintained 
properties in attractive areas with robust demand for housing. The willingness to pay for our housing exceeds our average rent by a significant margin, which means stable rental revenues with low risk for vacancies. 
We maintain our residential properties with our own staff and understand our tenants’ needs well. We have a low level of movement in our portfolio, which leads to cost-efficient property management.

2. Presence in growth municipalities in the Stockholm region

Our geographic focus means that we are familiar with our submarkets and have strong relationships with organisations that are important for the company. We have established four property management areas with sufficient scale and geographic focus to enable efficient management. Our exposure is exclusively to the growth region of Stockholm and provides stable demand for housing and good growth opportunities. Given that the willingness to pay for our housing exceeds current regulated utility value rents, any future changes in the rental market will give rise to value potential.

3. Value-creating player in social sustainability 

We have worked with social sustainability since the company was founded. 
Our work is based on a holistic perspective where we take responsibility not only for individual buildings but life in outdoor areas as well. In recent years, in areas with challenges in terms of being perceived as unsafe, we have shown that we can make a difference. We have a reputation as a long-term, value-creating player within social sustainability – something that is important for ensuring the future appeal of our housing as well as for partnerships with municipalities and others.

4. Responsible growth 

We have a growth strategy built on creating value within our four strategic cornerstones: property management, refinement, infill development and acquisition. The breadth of these four cornerstones means that we do not depend on one single condition for our growth. We have the ability to shift focus over time within these strategic cornerstones, depending on the company’s conditions and operating environment. We have a property portfolio with development potential in value-creating upgrades and infill development through new builds. We strive to limit financial risks with a long-term net LTV ratio that is not permitted to exceed 50%.

Mari Edberg
Head of Communications
08- 613 35 04